SMS Commands

by Electric26 [STK]

Version 4 (May 27, 2018)

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125 blocks, premium.

The phone number you're sending the commands from has to be in the phone's (as in the phone running the flow) contacts as a security measure.

I recommend enabling "Run on system startup" in Automate's settings. If it's not enabled "STOLEN" mode won't be very effective seeing as you could just pull the battery (restart the phone) and "STOLEN" mode would deactivate.


"LOCATE" - Sends the location of the device to the sender.

"LOCK" - Locks the device.

"SEND PHOTOS" - Sends photos taken from both the front and rear facing camera to a predefined email address.

"MAX VOLUME" - Sets the volume to 100%.

"RING" - The phone will ring at 100% volume until manually dismissed.

"STOLEN" - USE WITH CAUTION, READ FIRST. This will make the phone ring at 100% volume as well as lock the phone, where you can't even turn on the screen. To disable stolen mode, you have to text the phone "UNLOCK".

"UNLOCK" - Disables stolen mode.

"GET BATTERY" - Replies with the current battery percentage of the phone.

"PING" - If the phone is on, it will reply (so shocking 😱). It will also try and ping google, and let you know if it was successful.

"ENABLE WIFI" - Turns the phone's WiFi on.

"CONNECT WIFI" - Turns the phone's WiFi on and tries to connect to WiFi.

"ENABLE HOTSPOT" - Enables the hotspot.

"DISABLE HOTSPOT" - Disables the hotspot.

-Version 1:
- initial release

-Version 3:
- commands are no longer case sensitive
- commands now ignore spaces

-Version 4
- cleaned up a bit