📡Auto GPS On-Off (Root)

by Pete Glass

Version 15 (February 23, 2024)

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Requires root. Automatically makes sure the GPS is enabled on your device any time apps that use the gps are open in the foreground. If the GPS is disabled on your device, the flow will automatically enable it then disable the GPS 30 seconds after the app is no longer in the foreground. Device also logs any apps in the foreground immediately after the GPS is enabled by the flow. Unfortunately this flow will not auto enable the location service for most Automate flows that require the location service to be enabled since they are not active in the foreground when requesting location data so make sure you modify any flows you have that require location data to enable and disable the location service as needed within the flows.

Modify the AppList variable block (block 73), adding the package names you need to the block. Several apps that require GPS, like Google Maps, have already been added. For any additional apps being added, make sure to follow the format that currently exists in this block.

The new version of Google Play Services displays a dialog each time the location service is turned off but you can disable this dialog by disabling the com.google.android.location.util.PreferenceService service in Google Play Services using an app that can disable services.

Try my "Package & Activity Class Logger" linked below if you have difficulty determining the name of a particular package.

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