Phone location and movement alert.

by Joseph Matlak

Version 1 (November 9, 2017)

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When triggered, phone sends location to gmail. Now on standby if anyone touches It, again it sends an alert to you and an audible message ("phone being tracked") for whoever has phone and sends updated location. If someone has it. as long as they are moving it will give updated location every (what ever time you set).. also while in standby (if you believe phone is close enough to hear) phone is triggered again by call. (First call starts program. Every additional call triggers sound notification) phone will respond for (time you set)sound notification
(Sound notification doesn't happen at initial event because if phone is to far to hear. You don't want to bring attention to it.) Array iteration removes all "null" values that were set from unused variables in "get location" ex.altitude, speed etc. Null' s will show in gmail breaking message up. (If activity is slow to trigger reduce min confidence level)

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