✌ Puzzle Mobile Lock = MS

by Mukesh

Version 5 (November 15, 2017)

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Add that extra security to your mobile by putting a riddle to unlock your phone.

Apart from your regular mobile lock, now you have an option of setting up your own personal riddle lock.

More the number of riddles, lesser the chance of it getting repeated in the next unlock, hence more difficult to crack.

You can have sentences also as passwords.
My favorite password is:
I don't know
Crazy, isn't it. Even if you tell the password to somebody he won't even believe that the password is: "I don't know" 😂😂

In addition to the riddle passwords, I have added a master password as - almighty

This is just in case if you forget the answer to your riddle 😊

Try it! Enjoy it! Fortress 💪 your phone


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