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Version 1 (October 30, 2015)

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This fiber helps to reduce snoring. If you know you snore a lot or often get complaints for snoring, then this fiber is for you.
Theory of operation:
The fiber produces periodic vibrations using the phone's vibrator. These periodic vibrations will gently prod a snoring person out whithout disturbing the sleep. Wear the phone on an armband for more effectiveness.
How to use:
I suggest you create a home screen short-cut for ease of access. The usage is simple.
- Launch the fiber, this will launch a notification.
- Tap the notification to start the fiber
- Enter the duration in seconds you want between vibrations. You might want to experiment a little bit here. 120 secs can be a good start.
- The fiber will start vibrations with the duration you entered. That's it, have a good night's sleep without disturbing others.
- When you wake up, or when you want to stop the vibrations, just dismiss the notification.
You can also play with the type of vibrations you want to use, from gentle bursts to strong continuous one. You can set this in the Vibrate block in the flow.

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