⚛ JARVIS Daily Routines

by Fran T

Version 50 (February 8, 2020)

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Now with commute info, detailed US weather forecast and alerts, and you can now also start Automate flows and set the time of day when your apps and flows are run!
Displays your schedule, the weather, any new text and email messages, and opens apps and/or flows of your choice at the times of day of your choosing. After setup, re-run JARVIS any time to replay the announcement and run your routines. Add an Automate widget to your desktop to run it!

Restores and improves the original version here (see comments at the bottom of this description):

This flow was modelled after JARVIS from Iron Man. When this flow is triggered in the morning (e.g. by an alarm), she will provide the time, weather, and some basic notification info. Then she'll open some apps if vocal confirmation is received.

Example: "Good morning. It's 7am. The weather in Toronto is 17 degrees with scattered clouds. Today's forecast calls for a high of 20 and a low of 11, with approximately 3mm of rain. You have 2 unread emails and 1 new text message. Also, 6 applications were updated overnight. Sunset will be at 7:28 PM. Your calendar indicates that you have 1 past event, 1 ongoing event, and 2 upcoming events scheduled for today. Would you like to view your agenda?"... "Would you also like to open your morning apps and flows?"... "Have a good day!"

1. To provide vocal confirmation, you can say any of the following: yes, ya, yup, yep, sure, do it, go for it, ok [now configurable at the top of the flow]
2. You can select what triggers JARVIS in the morning: Alarm or Day's First Unlock. If you choose alarm as the trigger and you have downloaded my "Math Alarm" flow, you can select Math Alarm as a secondary trigger option.

1. Now using API weather information from openweathermap.org. Added forecast.
2. Added feature to pick calendar app and up to 2 calendars [now unlimited], used to count the number of events for the day.
3. Added feature to pick email.

Updates by Fran T:
o Fix weather forecast feature, allow choice of weather units, add detection of new email in secondary accounts not reported by Gmail
o Automatically configure texting, email, and calendar apps; fix count of all-day calendar events
o Restart JARVIS to run your routine any time
o Handle multiday calendar events
o Support unlimited number of calendars, optionally announce sun info
o HTTP requests now run simultaneously
o Automatically configure available calendars
o Announce number of new SMS and MMS texts
o Add weather alerts and detailed forecast for US
o Add notification showing announcement text; swipe to stop the routine
o Automate flows can now be started in addition to apps, time of day when apps and flows are run can be set
o Add commute info, fall back to Open Weather Map forecast if National Weather Service fails
o Add unmute for primary trigger
o Fix for Google adding punctuation to voice recognition

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