🌐 HTML Website Creator - GT- VERSION 3 LIVE!!!

by Gabriel Tobing

Version 3 (January 17, 2018)

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This flow acts as like notepad and text edit on both Mac OS X and Windows however on Android, therefore giving the user the ability to be able to create full on websites on the go.

Change log:

Version 3:

- Fixed autosave feature. Now input dialogue will restart ever 3m to save work (previous work will still appear).

- Google Drive fully functional.

- Deleted blocks.

- New method of starting a new code. Now joint with restore after loading files to save space.

Version 2:

- Now able to save the work as a proper document (UTF-8).

- Ability to upload the document to 'Google Drive' (Still working on it, please tell me how it goes.)

- Added a new automatic save feature (every 3 minutes by default).

Mark C & Dude Dudeson

Version 1:

- Created



For giving tutorials and information on how to build HTML webpages.

Please rate and comment on this help to help improve it, if there are any bugs please tell me and I will try my best to fix them.

Keep up to date, discover more flows and possible discover yourself being credited for helping out a creation for a flow at: https://6481213l.wixsite.com/gt-webs

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