Sms command centre V2 (Cmd)

by J R

Version 3 (December 2, 2017)

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-This is a large flow! (it's about 150 blocks)
-Premium is required!💲
-If you like the flow or have any suggestions let me know at the ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

-When you start the flow you can enter your Gmail account (optional, mails can also only be sent when the phone has an Internet connection) ✉️
-select your subscription id at the start

-These commands can be triggered with any phone just send the commands to the phone with this flow via sms📲

Everything has been tested and works (at least with my phone)

-These are the possible commands:

Cmd location
(get location and make a picture with the front camera, send with Gmail if possible)🌍📩

Cmd find
(play a sound and vibrate, useful for when you lose your phone and it's on silent)🔊

Cmd picture front
(sends the picture with Gmail if possible)📷📩

Cmd picture back
(sends the picture with Gmail if possible)📷📩

Cmd audio start
(start audio recording)🎤

Cmd audio stop
(stop recording and send with Gmail if possible)🎤❌📩

Cmd list
(sends a list with all possible commands)📝

Cmd lock
(locks the phone)📱🔒

Cmd battery
(checks battery level)🔋

Cmd ringer mode
(toggle ringer between vibrate and normal, sound is set default at 70% you can change this yourself if you prefer otherwise) 🔊➡️🔇, 🔇➡️🔊

Cmd call me
(the phone will call you back) 📞

Cmd speak English / French / Dutch
(the next text message will be read out loud, supports 3 languages atm, you can easily change them since you only have to change the language and perhaps speech engine) 📲📣

Update: now sends confirmation texts when an email has been sent.

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