Home Auto Wi-Fi

by Peng Piaw Foong

Version 2 (December 5, 2017)

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Auto enable Wi-Fi when at home, disable when leave, with voice alert.

You need to set your home location by tapping on "When at location" block and click on the "Pick a location on map..." button, then search for your home to let the system grab for it's coordinate. This is one time setting, unlike the other similar flow which you will be prompted for home location everytime you start it.

Added in Version 2: after WiFi is enabled, wait 10 seconds for it to connect to your AP or wireless router. If connection successful, log the name of connected AP, else let you choose whether to disable WiFi (since no connection made) or to remain enabling WiFi. You will need to troubleshoot your AP to find out why connection cannot be made then.

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