Chargecontrol V2 final (KitKat)

by All about Computers

Version 2 (December 3, 2017)

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!! Rooted phones only !!
Stop and start battery charging at the levels you choose.
Charge overnight without worrying about overcharging.

IMPORTANT!!! This does not work on all phones!
Many OEM's change the name of the charging_enabled file or block the capability all together. They want to sell batteries.

I can't help that, so don't rate low when it doesn't work on your phone.

You can try to find out what the file name is on your phone and edit the flow. ("Charging_enabled" is referenced in 4 blocks)

!!!New in V2, final!!!
All I envisioned for this Flow has been realized.
That's why I call this the final version.
If someone wants to carry this further, feel free to edit and publish my flows.

OK, so what's new?
* As promised, battery percentage now updates correctly.

* Minor change in behavior: Charging will now start immediately when you connect the charger and will not wait for the level to drop to start level.
When stop level is reached, charging will only start again when level has dropped to start level. This makes more sense.

* New! Completely overhauled notification with icons instead of text to present a lot more info in this limited space.
Notification now shows:
- battery %
- charging or discharging (with icons)
- the levels you have set (with icons) .
- battery temperature.
- battery voltage.

* NEW! Now you can set the levels by clicking on a second notification. No need to stop the flow anymore.

This is what the notification looks like :

Chargecontrol - 🔌 📈 76%
📈 70% 📉 85% 🌡️24°C ⚡ 4,068V
Set Start / Stop levels

Explanation of icons :

🔌 = connected to power source
🔋 = disconnected from power source
📈 = charging
📉 = discharging
🌡️ = temperature (edit flow if you want Fahrenheit)
⚡ = voltage
📈70% = start level
📉85% = stop level
(when charging there is a moving indicator to make it even more visible)

I hope you enjoy this Flow and may your battery last many years. 😀

I recommend setting start level at 70%, and stop level at 85% for minimal wear and maximum lifespan, but of course you're in charge. 😋

Please let me know what you think about this Flow.

You can also email me:

Greetings, Mike

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