Car Bluetooth auto on-off

by Peng Piaw Foong

Version 6 (March 14, 2018)

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I use this flow to auto connect my phone to my car's hands-free function. You can use this flow to connect to any Bluetooth device in your vehicle (including certain Garmin GPS). The prerequisite is your phone must have been paired with the device before.

Phone Bluetooth is normally off to save battery.

When detected in a vehicle, disable WiFi and enable Bluetooth. It will wait for 10 seconds for the phone to pair with the hands-free. After Bluetooth is disconnected (when you leave the vehicle), disable Bluetooth. It will then wait for 3 minutes before resuming the activity checking.

Added in Version 2: If no Bluetooth is paired within 10 seconds, you are probably a passenger in other vehicle. It will disable Bluetooth and wait a longer time of 30 minutes before resuming the activity checking.

It will not enable Bluetooth if the battery level is below 30% unless the phone is plugged to a charger.

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