Find Lost/Stolen Phone

by Tripple A Automation

Version 2 (December 10, 2017)

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With this app you can find your phones location.

1. Send sms containing your own secret word.
2. The phone will lock and unmute.
3. Your lost/stolen phone will send you its location(address) to the phonenumber you used to send the sms. It will provide its location via sms back to that number.
4. Also you can send a different sms secret word this will send you the location + video that will be recorded (30sec) of the frontfacing camera and uploaded to your google drive every 5 minutes.


1. Set your own secret words, use something that others wont send and/or dont know.
2. Set your googledrive email.
3. Set your local path where video will be stored.
4. If needed create the folder in you google drive.
5. Change the formulas components (2) according to your secret passwords.

Use at own risk.

Update: V2 will check if the battery of your phone is 15% or less in the 5 minute loop. This will stop the loop so that your phones battery doesnt die. You are still able to do both commands once even if battery is 15% or less.

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