📒 Story Time!! 📖 (Beta)

by Nobin Jacob

Version 8 (February 18, 2019)

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!!Server is Up!! {V8}
What's New in V8?:
*Minor changes and Improvements.
(Both client and server side)

You can Read and Post stories with this flow.

[Premium Required]

There's a small demo for Non-Premium users:-

For Now, 4 Genres are available. More on its way.
There's a special genre for stories submitted by other users.

This flow will fetch the list of stories for each genre from the server.
For now the number of stories in each genre are less, so there may be repetition of stories.

This is based on the Client-Server Architecture.
And this flow is the client part of it.

Stories are fetched from the server, talking about the server it is just another flow running on my phone.
So, there will be Slower speeds, glitches, bugs etc. So, please co-operate if you encounter any of them...

Notice: Due to some issues with the server some of the registrations were lost. Users may have to re-register, Sorry for the inconvenience!

For any query regarding this flow, send a mail to nbn3461@gmail.com

Thank you,
Nobin Jacob

Server Info:
Mail-id: botserver23@gmail.com (does not accept mails!!)

Maintenance time: 4 - 5 PM UTC
(Server may be down in this time period)

Thanking "Ba So" for his funny stories key.
"Thank you all for the lovely comments, Keep Supporting :D"

What's New?
*Minor changes and improvements.

*Added a like system for user submitted stories.
**Bug fixes, changes and improvements.

*Added text to speech support to speak the story out loud.
**Added a warning for immature users.
***Minor changes and Improvements for stability.

*Bug Fixes.
**Minor changes and improvements.

*Deprecated Random Selection.
-From now on you can select the story you want to read.
**Minor changes and improvements.(Both Client & server side)

*Added a new genre.(Inspirational)
**Improved Handshaking.(Both client & server side)
***Improvements for reliability.(server side)
****Minor changes and improvements.

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