Screen Timeout Extender v4

by Bahamin Shahriari

Version 4 (April 27, 2019)

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• Added possibility to choose timeout duration (2 minutes, 10 minutes and never sleep).
• Fix an issue where flow could generate unwanted fibers when you disconnect the phone from charging at a certain point.
• Made toast notifications provide better information and stay longer.

This flow helps when you want to read or watch something and need more time before your screen goes off.

This flow designed to run continuesly without draining the battery when the device is not connected to the power.

How it works?
When you plug your device to power source you will receive a notification then after interaction with the notification your current screen timeout duration will be saved and it will increased to your chosen duration, you can either use notification action button or just simply plug out your device from power to restore the screen timeout duration and you can also extend your screen timeout duration again as soon as you plug device in power without restarting the flow.

Required to plug device to power in order to work.

Created by Bahamin Shahriari
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