Gmail Mail Deleter (Read The Description)

by Talha Yiğit (Like Butonu)

Version 1 (December 21, 2017)

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Important Property: It doesn't blocks your taps.

If there is too much mail in your in box but you can't delete all of it in once, this time don't worry. There is Gmail Mail Deleter for you.

First, start the flow. Then open the Gmail and enter the in box. Open the notifications bar and tap the confirm notification. It will open a confirm panel. Tap "Yes" if you want to start flow. When you start the flow, it wil start deleting mails.

The İn Box can crash. Don't panic. Just stop flow, close Gmail and do the same steps again from the start.

When you want to stop flow, open notification bar and tap confirm notification. It will open a confirm panel. If you want to stop flow tap "Yes".

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