[SPY] Last 20s. Audio πŸ†“

by Smikkel Beer

Version 3 (January 10, 2018)

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1⃣6⃣ Blocks + 3⃣ for setup (won't affect free limit since it only needs to run once)

β—ΎJust heard something worth saving in the last 20s? Press the notification and it is in fact saved!β—Ύ

πŸ†• Updated: Now has a setup that creates required directories!

This flow records the last 20 seconds of audio. Press the notification to save.

Run the setup flow first to create the directories used to save the recorded audio. Files are saved in the "Audio" folder under "Last 20s. Audio as 10 separate 2s. long audio files.

☒Can have negative effects on storage device due to continuous file writing! Works best for short uses.☒

I am not responsible for any damage/deceit/fraud caused by the users of this flow.

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