📊 Quick Flow Viewer - GT

by Gabriel Tobing

Version 1 (April 20, 2020)

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🎆🎇🎉HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!🎉🎇🎆

This flow lets you quickly view the stats of your favorite flows through the Automate Community website.

You'll be given 5 slots for 5 flows of your choice.


1) Download the flow.

2) On first start up, run 'Reset To Default' flow beginning to ensure all files are created.

3) Run 'Saves' beginning to create your very own save.

4) Choose a name (the name of the flow you will be searching for).

5) Choose which save slot to use.

6) After this it will load the main options, simply choose one and press 'Ok'.

7) A dialogue will open up with your search. You'll then need to navigate to the specified flow (your flow choice).

8) Done, you've successfully used the flow.

9) Please rate, give feedback and report any bugs to keep this flow at it's best.


Version 1

- Created

Thank you for choosing this flow! Please rate and report any bugs to help improve this flow 😊

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