Mistplay Automated

by HaunT

Version 1 (April 23, 2018)

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Download Mistplay here: https://mistplay.co/PINc6Z51iM
❗❗Smaller devices may have trouble with this flow. It is ideal for tablets.

This flow might require some user setup. It should work right away, but incase your device is weird, I have provided instructions on how to set it up.

Devices with smaller screens may get stuck on the second interaction block. It should not happen 100% of the time, but it does happen frequently. Just scroll down and the flow should pick back up.

Game time is default set to 1m. The idea of the game time is to refresh the app incase Mistplay has idle protection. The time should most likely be changed to something you find more suitable.

The app you want to automate must be first in line in the recently played section

1. Open the flow editor and select the first interact block.

2. Select 'Record Interactions' and then open Mistplay. Then select the exclamation point on the game you want to automate. Click the check mark on the automate hot bar.

3. Make sure interaction type is 'Click' and UI Element Text is the exclamation mark.

4. Select the second interaction block and click on 'Record Interactions'.

5. Go back to mist play. Make sure you are in your chosen game's information menu. Select 'Play Game' and then click the check mark on the automate hot bar.

6. Make sure Text ID is 'Play Game'.

7. Adjust time settings to your liking and enjoy!

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