BestBattSaver (BBS) 1.0

by Rafael Meneses

Version 1 (November 14, 2015)

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If you're not downloading or charging, it switches the network mode to 2G, enables the power saving mode, disables Wi-Fi and turns off the location when screen is off and phone is on battery power.

When you turn on the screen, it disables power saving mode, checks if there is any available network, and keeps the the mobile data off on 2G network if connected.

If don't have any Wi-fi connection, it turns it off and keep you on 3G/4G/LTE.

Switches back to Wi-Fi everytime when screen is on and not connected to Wi-Fi.

# Extra Feature
If you have Pixel Filter, every time you turn on the screen the app will run in background. Remove it if you don't have AMOLED screen.

# To-do
- Sync every X minutes on mobile data, Always On on network
- Kill apps after X minutes on screen off
- Enable GPS if you're in movement/out of Cell tower coverage

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