Anti-Theft Charging Alarm V2

by Phylax - Failiest of Fails

Version 3 (January 18, 2018)

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This flow discourages people from stealing your phone while it is charging in public. When it is armed (you can make shortcuts to arm/disarm the flow) it will start playing a sound (of your choice) if someone unplugs your phone from the charger. It will keep the volume at maximum to stop people from muting it/turning it down. The alarm will stop when the device is connected back to the the charger.

Update: I have added notifactions that show when the alarm is armed (doesnt show on the lock screen) and when the phone is unplugged another notification tells the potential thief to put the phone back on the charger.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Answers to comments:

The reason for the volume check is to keep the volume at maximum if someone tries to turn it down. I will try to find a way to achieve this with out using a loop so it doesn't use excess resources/battery.

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