Home Wi-Fi optimized branch v7.5

by NIels Peter

Version 8 (November 16, 2015)

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Only keep Wi-Fi enabled at home. Asks if you're currently at home, or for your home location. Base flow is taken from another uploader.

Alterations-->Turns off location data when you're away from home with 5 minute reactivation and a location check after 30 more seconds. To verify that you're still away from home. Flow also happens to be more reliable with no api interrupts.

WARNING: Flow will disrupt navigation apps. Disable as required. If there is any demand, please let me know in the comment section and I'll add navigation system support.

WARNING: It is highly recommended to disable logging for this flow if not debugging or actively developing. Log files can get large over time.

Update 2:
Fixed the flow to be more precise on locations.

Update 3:
Hopefully fixed the api errors.
Further optimized the flow.

Update 4&4.5:
Edited description to more accurately depict the flows purpose. Also fixed typos.

Update 5: Fixed location not turning off as intended.

Update 6: fixed excessive log writing and wifi enable loop

Update 7: added 5 minute wait before location check while wifi is enabled.

Update 8: added recommendation regarding logs in the description.

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