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Version 1 (January 24, 2018)

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[Example] 🎓
Start only flows that have a specific tag in it's description
This is a simple technique I use for my gen3 Premium project, it is extremely useful and reliable.
you can copy and paste this tag onto other flow's description and try it:
gen_3_tag_example start_id: "10" (flow beginning block id)

This technique start flow directly and not bind by flow id, but by a user-defined special tag in the description. you can avoid having to edit flow everytime you create/download new flow (and lost your atom data).

This will make your flow much more modular (it probably never was in the first place), easier to make extensions instead of clamping everything into a single flow (I'm not saying it's bad, but 100+ blocks is a pain to edit).

📝 Note: While making modular flow would cost a lot more block to run and require premium, it will make Automate hella lot more convenient to use.

🏗️ Implementation: you can change to your custom tag in the 'content query' block.
2 blocks cost is minimum for this technique ('content query' and 'start flow' block)

📚 some flow that use this technique:
Wallpaper host
App category trigger
Cloud remote

📚 some other flow with tag:
Vocalware TTS engine
HTML gallery
App category module
and some wallpaper flow in premium project...

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