🌐 Speed test

by Ethan Grant

Version 3 (March 7, 2018)

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[Non-premium] ✔ Experimental
Test your internet speed.

◽Work by fetching your public ip, then ping yourself a bunch of time to get average round-trip time, and calculate average speed in megabytes per second.
◽ Use shell command to send ping, not sure if require root or not (tested on non-root Android 7)
◽ Recommend turn off logging
◽ Update visual progress bar
◽ Update to send ping for 2̶0̶ 40 second instead of 1000 times
◽ Added option to change domain when failed to ping yourself

@choco well shit idk maybe someone else using the internet at the time, damn, do you ever download up to that speed actually?

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