🗣️ Voice Command

by Finch Nelson

Version 1 (February 8, 2018)

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Interaction with automate through voice recognition.

This flow is as modular as my other flow, you don't need to modify it to add command, only need to write a special tag onto the other flow that you want to trigger and this flow will pick it up.
example tag are at the bottom
How it work: (important)
The method is a bit different from other voice control flow.
◾First it query content automate flows to get all command available, and make a list of command and their flow uri.
◾ Use voice recognition to receive command and pick the most confident text.
It does not match command string but rather matching words with your speech.
for example:
your command "disable the Wi-Fi" will match with command "disable Wi-Fi", as long as the words are there.
This allow automate to carry out your order without forcing you to remember all the command by heart.
However this would lead to misinterpret if the command were not plan out carefully.
While matching text, it would priority longer command instead even if it matches shorter ones.
like "open music player" over "open"
◾ When starting command flow, the payload contain dictionary with text spoke, allow more deeper command.
like: "increase volume by 20" would increase volume by 20%

some cool command you could try:
▶️increase volume by 30
▶️increase brightness to maximum
▶️play next song

build in command
voicecmd name:"again/repeat" id:"132"
voicecmd name:"increase volume/decrease volume/raise volume/reduce volume" id:"22"
voicecmd name:"increase brightness/decrease brightness/reduce brightness" id:"41"
voicecmd name:"open music/play music" id:"56"
voicecmd name:"turn on Wi-Fi/enable Wi-Fi" id:"96"
voicecmd name:"turn off Wi-Fi/disable Wi-Fi" id:"98"
voicecmd name:"turn on Bluetooth/enable Bluetooth" id:"100"
voicecmd name:"turn off Bluetooth/disable Bluetooth" id:"101"
voicecmd name:"next song/next track" id:"104"
voicecmd name:"play" id:"106"
voicecmd name:"pause" id:"108"
voicecmd name:"stop" id:"110"
voicecmd name:"last song/last track/previous song/previous track" id:"118"
voicecmd name:"lock device/turn screen off" id:"123"
voicecmd name:"screenshot" id:"127"
tag: |voicecommand|1|

name: is command text you need to speak, you can add multiple command separated by "/" as shown above.
id: is the id of starting block.

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