In Case Of Emergency 2 (optional Root)

by Gabriel Dario Caffaratti

Version 1 (February 10, 2018)

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If there is an emergency and someone texts you "SOS", "sos" or "Sos", your phone will wake up, disable your silence mode, make sure to draw your attention and offer to call that person.

You can customise it to only do this if the text you receive is from someone in your contacts, or only a certain group in your contacts.

The calling is optional, and presented in a dialogue.

All credits to Isaiah "papaya" for the original flow.

I've only added some catchs in case the phone is not rooted (the emergency light led won't work).

Also added extra checks for SMS strings like "SOS", "sos" and "Sos".

In addition, the flow won't stop if the SMS is a normal message different than SOS.

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