One-Hand Mode Remapper for Galaxy S8/S8+

by Tiernan McLaughlin (StuntmanYT)

Version 2 (February 12, 2018)

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UPDATE!!! - V1.1.0
> AutoTools Preium and AutoApps are no longer required!

UPDATE!!! - V1.0.0
> Basic Foundation

REQUIRED to work -
##Custom Nav Bar##

What is this apps use? -
Instead of having to hit the home button quickly this app emulates it and allows you to add the task to "Custom Nav Bar".

Configuring -
>Firstly make a Nav bar setup you like (there is a way to fix the buttons easily just remove all the buttons and readd them and adjust the width of recent and overview which should be on one side or the other.)

>Add an extra button of choice (right double tap is the default for this app.)Then add the single or double tap action to tasker.

>Next edit the Flow and click the first block (not the Flow start) and click configure and change it to the button you want the remap to go on.

##Report any bugs to me in reviews (there shouldn't be any.)##