School/Work quiet.

by Lane Arias

Version 2 (April 10, 2018)

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Have your phone automatically silence itself when it connects to your School/Work wifi.
(Vibration still on)

Just add the exact title of the wifi connection into the wifi command block, and start the program.

If you dont want your alarms silenced, simply delete the last sound commandblock. And then reconnect the end of the program back up to the beginning of the delay block.

This program will check your connection every 15 minutes on its default delay.

[Important Note]
For the sake of safety, this program does not include a volume reset.
In the event that you may need to remain silent in an emergency, this program loops without risk of raising the volume unnecessarily.

You will have to manually turn the volume up when needed.

Changed delay to increase to 1 hour when it detects your school network. And revert to default when it doesn't.