Autosettings 🤖

by Pablo

Version 11 (February 23, 2022)

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Forget about changing the sound levels between home, work and car/outside.

The difference between this flow and others is that uses Android location instead of GPS (no battery consumption) and also verifies you are leaving an area by checking a predefined WiFi network of your choice (it doesn't need the have WiFi always on).

Before starting the flow, personalize the sound levels for each place:
- Left column for home.
- Center column for car/outside.
- Right column for work.

You can manually adjust the location radius for a more accurate running, in the flowchart or in the configuration file.

Version 11:
- Loop flow changed to new linear flows using forks.
- Delay added after arriving home and work.
- Wifi activation/deactivation removed (not longer possible with Automate).

Version 10:
- Variables are stored now in a txt file rather than an atomic variable.

Version 9:
- Delays after applying condition deleted.

Version 8:
- Backup. No changes.

Version 7:
- Minor improvements and optimisations.

Version 6:
- Home/Work radius formula used for position (before it was a fixed value).

Version 5:
- Log message for fake departures repositioned to really show when leaving.
- Log message to indicate the area left.
- Bluetooth management in a child fibre.

Version 4:
- Home/Work fiber redirection bug fixed.

Version 3:
- Minor improvements deleting unnecessary blocks.

Version 2:
- UI for setting places and WiFi's names.
- Delay added after applying settings to avoid inaccuracy when arriving.

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