Autosettings 🤖

by Pablo Marin

Version 10 (October 29, 2019)

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Completely forget about changing WiFi, Bluetooth and sound levels between home, work, car and outside.

The difference between this flow and others is that uses Android location instead of GPS (no battery consumption) and to verify you are leaving an area, it uses a predefined WiFi (set the first time) just to check, it doesn't need the have WiFi on.

Before starting the flow, personalize the sound levels for each place:
- Left column for home.
- Center column for car/outside.
- Right column for work.

You can manually adjust the location radius for a more accurate running, in the flowchart or in the configuration file.

Version 10:
- Variables are stored now in a txt file rather than an atomic variable.

Version 9:
- Delays after applying condition deleted.

Version 8:
- Backup. No changes.

Version 7:
- Minor improvements and optimisations.

Version 6:
- Home/Work radius formula used for position (before it was a fixed value).

Version 5:
- Log message for fake departures repositioned to really show when leaving.
- Log message to indicate the area left.
- Bluetooth management in a child fibre.

Version 4:
- Home/Work fiber redirection bug fixed.

Version 3:
- Minor improvements deleting unnecessary blocks.

Version 2:
- UI for setting places and WiFi's names.
- Delay added after applying settings to avoid inaccuracy when arriving.

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