Firefox downloads to SD

by Emanuel S.

Version 1 (February 16, 2018)

Download (105 downloads)

⚠️You need to Grant access to the SD under Automate settings > External storage access.
⚠️Firefox language must be on US English otherwise change [Title] "Download complete" on block 3 to you language (Optionally you can change the [Title] on block 7 too)
⚠️ Select SD ROOT at flow start.

1-This flow ask for you to select you SD ROOT folder.
2-If no "Download" folder is in you SD then it will be created.
3-When a new notification of "Download complete" from Firefox it's detected , the flow will get the file name from the notification message and the notification will be erased.
4-If the file doesn't exist in you SD it will be moved, otherwise you file will be renamed adding "(n)" before file extension, where n is the number of files with the same name.
5-You will receive a new notification of "Download complete" from this flow, where you can open you file by tapping on it.