Mock loc. On/Off NO ROOT [MZ]

by อรรถพล รงค์ธรรม

Version 1 (March 10, 2018)

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Don't know how to enable/disable mock locations? This NON-PREMIUM flow will help you!

What this flow does is checks mock location setting status (by attempting to start mocking location and catching exceptions) and if it's disabled, goes to "Developer Settings" and checks "Allow mock locations". Best of all, it doesn't require root!

¡ NOTE !
Please consider setting your device language to "English", (i did that with "English (United,Kingdom)", other accents will probably also work) because if not, flow will not be able to toggle the mock location setting.

¡ NOTE !
This will NOT work on Android 6.0 because the mock location setting has been moved to other location. It will however work (in theory) on every version other than 6.0.

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