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Version 17 (July 14, 2018)

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I made securelock because all the flows in the community that have security features were to be honest, not well made, lacking, not fault tolerant, or made with mistakes. As a bonus mine seems to be the only flow that's modular and you can easily add your own pieces to it.


Has many features:

-View last image on successful login.
-Save image.
-Email yourself the image with location.
-Remotely lock the device via text or Android wear notification.
-Text to speech messageon failed login
-Locks with device admin on failed login disabling fingerprint until you login.


Check the roadmap for planned features.

I always listen to ideas, if there's a feature you want, comment and I'll look into making it a thing.


Latest Changes
Removed save setting in favor of simpler asking if you want to save it when you login.

Fixed grammar/spelling errors

Fixed newly created bugs

Added 3 fail fault tolerance for the lock.

Removed blocks from unfinished features

"Stolen Mode"

Playback audio file or recording on failed login.

Location tracking/check-in

Change lock wallpaper to either image of choice or picture taken

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