🗒🔔 Notes in notifications

by Manas Sambhus

Version 1 (March 18, 2018)

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If you ever needed something to be reminded of, wouldn't it be great if it simply appeared in your notifications?

This flow shows your reminder notes in notifications.

🔼 Features –
✨ No premium needed! (only 7 blocks)
✨ Supports multiple notes, just start multiple fibers to create new notes.
✨ Tap a note notification to edit or delete it.

🔽 Known bug (if using task killers) –
If some task killer kills Automate services or some services of the app go down due to insufficient memory or some other issue, then multiple notifications appear for the same note when Automate services restart.

🔧 Temporary fix for the above mentioned bug –
1. Go to Settings → Apps → Automate → App Info
2. Force stop Automate (⚠ Proceed with caution)
3. Now, all notifications of Automate will disappear.
4. Now, open Automate again. Then only one notification for each note will appear.

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