BETA: REST Connector with enhanced retries

by Steven Yu

Version 1 (March 19, 2018)

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For full flow description, see the full release of the flow. Only changes to the flow have been reported here:

The flow will handle connection failure retries for all REST methods for up to 128 messages at once. Messages will retry:
- every minute for retries 1 - 3
- every 3 minutes for retries 4 - 5
- every 5 minutes for retries 5+
Retry fiber will check every minute for messages that need to be retried. Retry fiber will shut down 1 minute after the queue is empty.

connectorInput INPUT:
"action": String, (support GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
"uri": String,
"payload": JSON,
"account": String, (optional, name of the account authorization details stored on automate)
"toast": String, (optional)
"callbackUri": String, (optional, flow URI to contact on HTTP success)
"callbackPayload": undefined (optional, pass-through to callbackUri)
connectorInput CALLBACK:
"callbackPayload": undefined,
"responseCode": Number,
"responsePayload": JSON