Automatic WiFi tethering on BT connection with car

by Geert Vanhaute

Version 1 (March 24, 2018)

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(Hotspot in car)

Wi-Fi tethering is automatically switched on after connecting to bluetooth of my car (used for internet data for navigation). It is switched off after disconnecting. Conditions are that bluetooth is on, mobile data is on, battery is more than 15% or you are charging, powersave is off and if needed, roaming is off. Changing one of these will also enable/disable the tethering when connected to your car.
Bluetooth device is asked on startup. Next, you can choose whether you want to stop thetering when roaming. Next question is if an app has to be started when connecting with Bluetooth, with selection of the app. Next question is if this app has to be closed when disconnecting. (This only works with root due to Android limitation!)
Next question is if an app has to be started after disconnecting, with selection of the app. In that case, you will receive after each shutdown of tethering a question for 20 seconds if you want to open the app.
I use an app to store GPS location and time of where and when I parked my car.

*update 29/04/2016* roaming will now also disable tethering and will enable it when not roaming anymore.

*update 14/06/2016* if your battery is lower than 15% and you are charging your phone, wifi tether will still work. If you are tethering and your battery runs low, tethering will resume if you plug in your charger.
Also, I removed automatic enabling of GPS so root is no longer required.

*update 15/07/2016* Now you also have the choice to start an app when connecting. If enabled, app will stop when disconnecting. Killing an app is only possible if your phone is rooted. (Android limitation) This is the only reason why root permission is needed. If you don't have root, flow will work but the started app upon connection will not be stopped automatically. Mind that if you enable this app, it will always be started. (Unlike the app that starts when disconnecting where there's a question first.) If you need this behavior to be changed, let me know. It could also ask a question first.

*update 02/10/2016* wifi will be switched back on after thetering if it was enabled before

*update 24/03/2018* bug fix and possibility to check on roaming or not.

Just run this flow once, leave it running all the time and forget about it... No need to restart it each time take your car.

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