[Beta] Daily Smart Flow Backup System

by megan lybolt

Version 1 (March 28, 2018)

Download (57 downloads)

Testing stage - Should work fine but Please leave a comment if you come across any problems.

[Premium Required]
Daily backup of your flows to a local drive and with the option to back them up to your Google Drive and as a Gmail message attachment.
*over 150 blocks so may lag when editing.

• Set time for daily backup
• Waits for internet connection before sending file.
• Send backups as a Gmail attachment.
• Send backups to your Google Drive.
• Store your Preferences as files so feel free to modify this flow to your likings even after the setup process.
• Monitors files used to check your preferences with the option to restore them if they are modified.
• Clean uninstall of all stored files.

• Ability to send backups as an attachment via MMS message
• Use choice dialogs to optimize the system and speed up the setup process.
• Option to let this flow activate a network(s) when it's time to upload or send files.
• Option to select a trigger for uninstalling
• Option to skip setup if you already completed it and stopped the flow with the option to remember your choice if you stop it again in the future.
• Option to retry uploading backups immediately when a notification appears indicating network unavailability retrying in 3 hours.