🔌 Battery Charging Info+

by Manas Sambhus

Version 1 (March 30, 2018)

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Want to know more about your battery while your device charges? Then this is the right flow for you.

✨ No premium needed! – Just 17 blocks!

🌟 Features –
📌 Shows charging mode – Slow, Fast or any other mode that is supported by your device.
📌 Shows battery temperature (if available)
📌 Shows charging current and battery voltage (if available)
📌 Shows a "🚫 Not charging" warning in the notification if the charger is not providing sufficient current (only if current reading is available)
📌 Reads data directly from kernel folder
to provide accurate details.
📌 No resource hog : The notification is refreshed with updated details only when the notification is dismissed or when the screen wakes up. So, this does not slow down your device by running continuously in the background.

⚠🐞 Warnings and possible bugs –
If you face any of these issues, don't give negative feedback, because the issue is with your device and not my flow.

1. Root access may be required
Some newer phones don't provide read access to the kernel folders. So, on such devices, root access is a must.

2. Incomplete / Blank notification
Some phones don't have all features and/or the required files in the most commonly used location in the kernel folders, this might result in a blank or incomplete notification.

3. Notification doesn't disappear automatically
The notification is supposed to disappear automatically when the charger is unplugged. If it is not happening, then your device is not broadcasting the "Power disconnected intent".
Restart the flow to clear the notification.

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