WhatsApp Quick Reply

by Rajkumar Balasubramanian

Version 7 (December 18, 2015)

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Send quick WhatsApp message (instead of SMS) when you can't take an incoming call.

Optimized sending the WhatsApp message. Earlier it used to take over 5 seconds. Now it completes in less than a second. To achieve the improved performance WhatsApp contact profiles needs to be imported into the flow. The steps to import are shown in the YouTube video https://youtu.be/g3s4rm8QRLQ .

To summarize the steps to import are,

1. Start WhatsApp Quick Reply flow in Automate.
2. Install Content Provider Helper.
3. Open Content Provider Helper app.
4. Choose the content provider, content://com.android.contacts/data.
5. Uncheck all columns.
6. Select column #27 lookup and #56 _id. (Warning: Don't choose anything else or the flow won't behave as expected.)
7. Tap Query With Filter.
8. Choose mimetype in the where condition.
9. Use 'vnd.android.cursor.item/vnd.com.whatsapp.profile' as the value for the mimetype. (Notice the single quotes) and tap on query.
10. Share the result with Automate Flow.
11. Choose Content Receiver/WhatsApp Quick Reply.
12. Your profiles are imported.

Unfortunately the above steps have to be repeated whenever new contacts are added. The above steps are needed because we get only the contact URI using a phone number in Automate, but we need the id of the contact. To continue to use the flow it is not mandatory to import the profiles. The flow will continue to work, but will fallback to the previous way of sending the messages.

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