Battery Cycles Monitor

by Itay Sharon

Version 2 (April 17, 2018)

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This simple non-premium flow will monitor your battery cycles

What is a 'battery cycle'?
A battery cycle is when you charge and then stop charging the battery

Why does it matter?
Your battery has a limited number of cycles before it 'dies'. When the battery 'dies', it will become less efficient (your battery will discharge faster). Most batteries last 300 cycles before they 'die' but it is recommended to check it yourself. The battery will also 'waste cycles' if it is charging while being fully charged. Note: this flow doesn't monitor overcharge.

What happens after 300 cycles?
After 300 cycles, the battery will be less effective and will discharge faster with every cycle. It will fully die at around 1000 cycles when it'll last for a few seconds (you'll probably want to replace it at around 500-700 cycles)

How to use this flow?
This flow has 3 modes: Monitor, Check and Reset. For it to work, you'll need to activate Monitor. Note: this flow will create a file called `batt_cycles.dat` which contains the number of cycles recorded.
This will show you the amount of cycles recorded, nothing too fancy.
This will reset the counter and will stop the monitor

Is it Premium / does it require Premium?
Read the first line.

I've read it, is it premium?
For you it is. if you don't know how to read, then at least support llamalab.

maybe, maybe not

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