Game: BingoNight! (Multiplayer)

by Niels Triple

Version 1 (December 30, 2018)

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Build 201804101330
Premium (huge) flow! No root required.

7 different Bingo games, each 3 rounds and 75 balls, good for a full night of playing Bingo!

1: Bingo Machine, use this flow as a Bingo machine, selecting and calling out numbers. Winning numbers need to be entered manually, and the flow will check if the Bingo is valid or not. Use this if you want to play with regular (paper) Bingo cards. (Tip: use Smart View to turn a smart TV into a Bingo display for a big room with multiple players!)

2: Bingo Multiplayer, use this flow as a Bingo card to join a multiplayer game, or host one as a Bingo Machine in full auto mode (including auto numbercheck on a bingo), and display a unique digital Bingo card. Other players can join the game, using the NON-PREMIUM Bingo Card flow found here:

The digital Bingo cards (Players) communicate with the Bingo Machine (Host) via Cloud Messaging.
Bingo cards are made locally on every players phone, the phone hosting the game will do all other calculations, including Bingo checking for all players of that game.

Language of the written messages and spoken game names are in English, but the spoken bingo numbers SHOULD adapt automatically to your phone's language (tested Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. Please let me know in the comments if your language worked as well!)

I would advise AGAINST logging on this flow, because it is heavy on the log! All balls show up in the log even when logging is turned off, and a .txt file of each game is being logged to disk also!

Personal note:
Big thanks to my wonderfull wife, who bought some Bingo cards and started this whole bingo adventure!
This started with the Bingo generator, which alone is around 550 blocks, but my ambition to make this into an actual game turned this flow in somewhat of a 1200 block FlowZilla, but it does work!
Betatesting was not quite done, I will clean the flow up somewhere in the future, because there are still some debugging blocks and perhaps some bugs I missed still in there. But for now I need a brake from Bingo...

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