by Iulian R.

Version 1 (April 11, 2018)

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A flow that allow you to instantly take a picture, then presents you with a few options.

-Instantly take a picture
-Hide it via notification
-Delete it via notification

-The flow will create it's necessary directories if they do not exist (InstCam, InstCam_Hidden)
-The hide feature will only hide the images from the gallery. As far as I'm aware, hiding a file from file explorers can't be don't with Automate.
-The hide feature takes 15 seconds to complete. The delay is intentional, because certain gallery apps (ex: Google Photos) don't instantly recognize media tags. If the InstCam_Hidden folder becomes visible via Gallery, try increasing the delay.
-The delete feature will attempt to completely remove the file from the phone's storage. This may be compromised by external "Recycle Bins" or file recovery apps.
-If you have problems with taking the picture, try adjusting the camera settings in the "Take picture" block.