AQ Monitor 🐠 📝 🇬🇧

by Moe Derweise

Version 1 (March 6, 2019)

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PREMIUM flow [94 blocks] language: english 🇬🇧 (german version available)
-- Keep an overview of all your aquarium tasks!

A small log-protocol for aquarium owners which allows you to simply pick the "work" you did in your aquarium from a predefined List, sets a Google calendar event with the actual time and date and than adds this event to an ongoing logfile in your Google Drive storage.

• Before starting you only have to enter your NFC - tag ID into the NFC block, and click write! (or replace it with a different trigger)
The flow creates everything it needs to work. (Don't worry about the installation, it creates only the needed directories and 2 .txt files for work)
• you are welcome to use the flow for your own flows (maybe just with different content instead of aquarium things) but please refere to me if you share them with the community

Please rate and comment to share your experiences for flow Improvement.

Version 1.01
- automatic installation with the first start.
- automatically checks for file existence and creates/asks for creating files --> never stops if anything is lost
- uninstall - complete removal of local and cloud files

Version 1.02
- if you cancel the choice dialogue you can now choose between delete and stop, restart editing and continue editing
- small improvements

Version 1.03
- fixed some Issues with the ongoing logfile
- fixed false notifications
- stability improvements
- atomic variable with saved G-mail-account is reset, when uninstalling AQ Monitor
- better arrangement of the blocks

#list #protocol #log #aquarium #fish #water #google #drive