GPY - "Star-Date" (My Version)

by Grawmpy Troll

Version 5 (April 18, 2018)

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To be able to convert the current date and time into a "Star-Date", we are going to have to convert the values into decimals.

We don't need to use the millennium digit, so we go ahead and drop the 2 and start with the century-year in the first position (already a decimal). Since it's going to be the 21st century for the next 82 years there's nothing to change in the long-term and place a "1" in the first position.

The second and third are for the current year (already a decimal, i.e., 2018=18)

Now, in the fourth, fifth and sixth digits, we need to convert the solar year of 365.25 days into a more manageable fractionless value. We can make the 365.25 into a whole number (365) by multiplying it by 0.99931556. This gives us 365 (to within one/one-hundred-ten-thousandths).

Next, we move from the parts of the year to breaking up the day into smaller decimal values, which we separate from the larger portion using the "."

With the hours, we need to convert 24 by multiplying it by 0.375. This gives us a max value of exactly 9 (0-9), or 10 digits.

To convert the minutes to decimal, we need only multiply 60 by 0.15, which gives us, again, a max value of exactly 9 (0-9), or 10 digits.