⌛Delayed SMS

by Kine

Version 3 (June 2, 2018)

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✅No premium required
⬜ 28 blocks

💰 Automate Costly Permissions
👨 Automate Personal Permissions

⏳Delay and schedule SMS up to 24h
📖 Pick a contact or enter a phone number

⚠️If not working , select a sim card in blocks 45 & 63
➕Add a widget in your home screen for easy access to Delayed SMS

Change log
📃v3 - Notification
▶️Notification for the confirmation for the message has been sent will now wait to be dismissed.

📃v2 - Contact Query
▶️Pick a contact instead of a number

📃v1 - First release
▶️Delay and schedule SMS up to 24h
▶️Auto Detect if a number is associated with a contact