Universal Hotspot API and Unlock Demo

by Fran T

Version 9 (April 20, 2020)

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Demonstrates the use of the Wi-Fi Hotspot blocks, as well as a non-rooted UI workaround for Android Oreo and above, where the blocks may no longer work due to security changes.

Thanks to Kevin for identifying the necessary lock screen UI element!

The flow detects whether the Oreo+ UI workaround is needed by checking for an exception from a Wi-Fi Hotspot block during setup. In order for the UI method to be able to turn the hotspot on and off in Android Oreo and above, the Hotspot tile must be present in Quick Settings. To see if it is, expand the status bar by swiping down twice. If the Hotspot tile isn't present, tap the EDIT or “pen” button, then drag the tile to add it.

To be able to unlock the phone to access Quick Settings, you must also set your Bluetooth device as a Trusted Device. See: Settings/Security & location/Smart Lock/Trusted devices.

Note: If you have logging enabled for the flow and notice an exception, that's normal and is the way the flow determines whether the non-root UI workaround is needed to enable the hotspot. The flow continues to run normally.

o Added handling for when the device is already unlocked
o Added positive re-locking for Android 9+
o Added a Variable Set block at the start of the flow to accommodate UIs where the text of the Hotspot tile is something other than "Hotspot"; if this is the case on your device, change the second block
o Fix hang when Hotspot tile isn't found
o Fix for Android tile UI class update

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