by Subhajeet Sahu

Version 1 (April 30, 2018)

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Intelligent WiFi

⏪intelliFi⏩™ is for people with the need to switch their data connection between Home WiFi and Mobile data depending on whether they're at home or at work.

It often so happens that you get home from work and forget to switch from Mobile data to WiFi thereby exhausting your Mobile data needlessly.

⏪intelliFi⏩™ reminds you at the right time and switches to Home WiFi for you.

⚫ The flow starts by asking you to set a desired time when you generally get back home (the default time is 7 PM).
⚫ Once set, it triggers at the same time everyday and offers to 'Enable WiFi' if you've have reached home.
⚫ The days you aren't home by the pre set time, you can respond 'No' and it offers to set your preferred time for that day.
⚫ It offers you to delay the process by
◾ 30 minutes
◾ 1 hour
◾ Set Time( Enter your delay by Hours and Minutes).
⚫ It re-enquires if you're home after the time delay set by you.

⚫ ⚫ Download and please feel free to rate it and leave a feedback.

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