Start waze, triggered by WiFi connection.

by anomalic 5.0

Version 1 (May 3, 2018)

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If you have the WiFi in the car(WiFi in the car, can be done with USB 4G modem + WiFi router) ? Probably you would like just to put your phone in the car's holder and few of yours internet/GPS consuming applications, to start automatically(even your phone is locked) ?

This flow was designed to automate starting of internet/GPS consuming applications, so how it works ?

With WiFi Enabled on your phone, once you enter in the car, flow checks if your phone was connected to the car's WiFi SSID, if yes, then flow:

1) unlocks your phone(if it was locked)

2) enables Bluetooth(in case that your car is eqiuped with bluetooth car kit)

3) enables GPS

4) starts application nr.1 which consumes internet data, e.g. spotify and put it in background

5) starts application nr.2 which consumes internet data, e.g. tunein and put it in background 

6) starts Waze application and keeps it in foreground

Once you leave the car and flow detects that WiFi signal was lost, then all started items on your device before : bluetooth, GPS and applications, are closed automatically.