Derp talk

by Jaco Kotze

Version 2 (May 11, 2018)

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a sMaLl nOtIfIcAtIoN. oN TaPpInG It lEtS UsEr eNtEr tExT Yo bE CoNvErTeD EaSiLy i tO ThE WoNdErFuL FoRmAt oF DeRp tAlK.

Copies the result to your clipboard.

Update 1:
+added regex to not flip case on non letter characters.. thus "h erp" becomes "h ErP" as it should.
*modified logging to only happen when needed.

Question for users :
Q1:Would you like to see copy from clipboard support(take current flipboard and give Derp version)?

Q2:Should I remove that Toast message?

If anyone is wondering WHY i made this. Try typing the above description manually. Now try and annoy your friends or be that ninja to Derp Talk speedily manually...its pretty damn hard and takes too much effort.... was fun making this.

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