🍀 Clover Clicker

by Hippolyte Cosserat

Version 5 (May 23, 2018)

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🕹ī¸ Here you have the best game of the whole community of Automate!
You guess, it's somethings like CookieClicker but better.

4âƒŖ6âƒŖ7âƒŖ blocks - > Premium flow

🗒ī¸ There are many features like :
- a shop
- buildings/factories
- a boost
- powerups
- settings
- save
and more!

All of them are explained in the intro.

V1.0 : Release
V1.1 : Change description and intro
V1.2 : Change buildings to make a more difficult game
V1.3 : Fix a bug in the menu and the reseting
V1.4 : Delete useless blocks, change buildings and add the "Check update" feature
V1.5 : Many bugs fixed

🛠ī¸ There will be many other updates.

âŗ Coming soon :
- Flow in French
- More buildings
- Night mode

It's has been made by Hippolyte Cosserat, aka me 💜, who's French and very bad in English. So if you find an error please tell me 😀

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