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by Moe Derweise

Version 2 (March 28, 2019)

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FREE flow [29 blocks] ✔️ language: english 🇬🇧
~ First free SMS synchronization flow. This flow can deliver SMS end-to-end encrypted from your smartphone to your tablet or any other Android device and you may answer them! ~

‼️ Attention‼️ "SMSync - Receiver" has to be installed to another device to make this flow work!

Note: Because it's a free flow with limited amount of blocks, the flow might crash, if you have no connection to the internet and a message comes in. You would then have to restart it manually.

🏆 Please rate and comment and share your experiences for flow improvement.

If you use my flow for yours please refere to me.


--> you have to grant Automate access to your gDrive(/Gmail) Account on both devices (if you haven't yet granted create a new flow, choose the upload to Drive(/ send Gmail block), choose pick account, choose your account ant grant Automate access to it)
--> create an Automate generic cypher account on both devices (Settings/Accounts)
--> download the Reciever to your second device
➡️ start the Transmitter first and the Reciever afterwards ➡️ choose the same accounts on both devices and lock the display of the Transmitter Device --> have fun ✔️

•supports multiple messages from multiple numbers

• All sensible data is encrypted end-to-end (only internal communication - display on/off - is not encrypted to speed up everything)

• Sender will only activate if the screen is locked and the display of the reciever is turned on. Both flows will stop and standby until activation. (prevents from synchronizing if you are not using the recieving device or if you are using your phone)

• If you ignore a message it will be shown as a notification. You can even access and answer if the service temporarily shut down.

• I recommend the delivery of cloud messages to a specific device, to prevent possibly overload. To do so you have to manually type in the ID of the other device into the 'cloud send' blocks. (but the flow should work without this as well)

Version 2:
~ stability improvements

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