🔐 Protect & Recover Lost or Stolen Device (Root)

by Pete Glass

Version 16 (February 23, 2024)

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Root version. Provides some remote control over your device via text messages if it is lost or stolen. Text "device-lock" to your device to start the persistent device lock (device will lock anytime the screen is turned on preventing access to the user), "device-unlock" to stop the lock, "device-location" for gps location, "device-alarm" to play a sound for 60 seconds, "device-call" to force device to call you with the speakerphone on, "device-shutdown" to force device to shutdown, "device-speak" followed by text to speak in same message to force device to speak the text 3 times, or "device-help" to receive a text from your device listing these commands. One command can be sent per text. Commands are not case sensitive and confirmation texts will be sent in response if received. Flow should be running constantly in the background so these features can be used when you may need them. Check your sms limits per time interval in the automate settings for compatibilty with this flow.

Flow can be enabled/disabled with a widget if desired but the commands can only be controlled via a text (separate device with texting and possibly booting into safe mode are the only methods to stop the persistent screen lock once it has been triggered via a text so do not enable the lock from your own device).

The OptionalPasswordSuffix variable can be updated if desired so commands require a password string (if this variable is set to "-pa55" the command for help would then be device-help-pa55). The phone expression object can also be updated if desired using the following format so commands can only be executed from texts sent by specific phone numbers... phone = "5552123344" || phone = "5552145544"

Optionally, if you would like the flow to send pictures of the user via email or mms when screen is turned on after lock has been enabled, connect the currently un-connected series of objects on the lower-left side of the flow to the empty "new" branch of the "fork" object nearby. Update the "take picture" object in this area of the flow, specifying your location to save pictures and make sure the folder exists (folder path is case sensitive). If emails are your preferred method, update "send gmail" object to include your "google account" and the destination email address in the "to" field. To receive this info via mms instead, replace the "send gmail" object with the "send mms" object nearby, it is already filled out to text info to the phone number that initiated the lock command, but keep in mind that "send mms" objects will not work on many devices and networks (if using the mms object be sure to check the mms limit in the automate settings). Texts and pictures will use network data. Test this section of the flow if you implement it using two devices that have texting capabilities.

Note: The "Google Play Services" option in automate should be disabled.

Non-Root version:

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